How to Resurrect Your Dead Space with Savvy Storage Solutions

"Dead space" — the awkward areas in your house that don't seem quite suitable for anything — exists in homes of all sizes. Luckily, there's an easy way to revive these parts of your home: use them for storage. There's never a bad reason to have more spaces to put your belongings, especially when you get to use up previously non-functional areas. Maximise your storage and keep clutter out of your usable areas with these 4 storage tips for dead space. Read More 

Ask These Questions When Deciding on New Commercial Fit-outs for the Office

Commercial fit-outs for the office are more important than many business owners understand, as they set the overall tone of the space and can make workers comfortable and more productive. They also are very visible to those who visit the office space, so they can make a good first impression or make the office seem shabby and a bit rundown. When you're ready for new commercial fit-outs for the office, note a few questions to discuss with a contractor before the shopping or remodeling work begins. Read More