Why Replace Your Dining Table Benches With Chairs?

If you've decided to buy a new set of dining furniture, then you get the chance to make some changes to your table and seating design. If you currently use benches as seats, then you may not be sure whether to go with them again or whether to switch to dining chairs.

What are the advantages of buying dining chairs over benches?

Ease of Access

While benches can be useful dining table seats, they aren't always easy for everyone to use. The people who sit on the ends of a bench may find it easy to sit down and get up; people who have to sit in the middle may find it harder to get in and out.

If you switch to using dining chairs, then this problem goes away. Everyone has a chair to sit in that is easy and quick to use. This may be particularly useful if you have older people living at home or eating with you regularly. They may find it easier to use chairs if they struggle with your bench.

Better Stability

You may have had some problems with the stability of your bench over the years. While these seats are meant to be sturdy, they can sometimes tip at one end.

For example, if your kids are all sitting on the bench and one of them stays sitting while the others get off, then the bench may tip up at one side. Your seated child could get a shock or even fall off the bench.

Chairs are simply more stable. As long as you can convince your kids to sit on them properly, the chair should stay where it is.

More Comfort

Dining table benches aren't always that comfortable, even if they have a padded seat. It can be hard on the back to sit on a bench for a long time. The bench doesn't have a back to give you any support. This may make people hunch in uncomfortable positions when they sit on the bench.

Chair backs take away this problem. People can relax at the table for longer and are less likely to end up with aches and strains if they can sit in a chair.

If you aren't sure whether to make the switch yet, remember that you can always go for a best of both worlds solution with a bench at one side of the table and dining chairs around the rest of it. To find out about all your options, talk to your furniture supplier.