How to Resurrect Your Dead Space with Savvy Storage Solutions

"Dead space" — the awkward areas in your house that don't seem quite suitable for anything — exists in homes of all sizes. Luckily, there's an easy way to revive these parts of your home: use them for storage. There's never a bad reason to have more spaces to put your belongings, especially when you get to use up previously non-functional areas. Maximise your storage and keep clutter out of your usable areas with these 4 storage tips for dead space.

Storing Above Doors

Unless you have very high ceilings, you've probably never considered adding anything to the small spaces above your doors. While they may appear "dead" at first glance, they're actually the perfect place to put shelves. High shelving can be a little inconvenient, so remember to store your lesser-used items here. In the bathroom, a shelf above the door is a great space for stockpiled toiletries and guest towels. In the kitchen, use your shelf for the kitchen gadgets that only come out a few times a year. In more communal areas, coordinated boxes can add a stylish pop of colour. 

Storing On Doors

As well as using the space above doors, you can also add storage to the doors themselves. Attach hooks for a convenient area to store bathrobes in your bathroom, or coats in your bedroom. You can also affix lightweight ready-made storage solutions to your doors (like hanging clothes organisers, for example) as quick and easy storage maximisers.

Storing in Thoroughfares & Under Stairs 

Hallways and passages are all great places to store books. Shallow bookcases and wall-mounted shelves fit easily into these areas without cutting into your walking space. In oddly-shaped areas (like under your staircase), why not get bespoke shelving from cabinet makers that fit perfectly into your space?

Storing in Corners

Corners are commonly unused areas in most homes, and corner shelves can be found in most furniture stores. Choose from standing shelves or floating shelves depending on your needs. Corner shelves can be used for just about anything -- from books and games in your child's room to herbs and pots in your kitchen. Again, if you're unable to find the right storage solution for an awkward corner, bespoke cabinetry might be your best bet. A cabinet maker like Pinoy Cabinets will be able to design and produce a shelving unit that matches the style of your room and fits in around existing obstacles.