Ask These Questions When Deciding on New Commercial Fit-outs for the Office

Commercial fit-outs for the office are more important than many business owners understand, as they set the overall tone of the space and can make workers comfortable and more productive. They also are very visible to those who visit the office space, so they can make a good first impression or make the office seem shabby and a bit rundown. When you're ready for new commercial fit-outs for the office, note a few questions to discuss with a contractor before the shopping or remodeling work begins.

1. Will they insulate against noise?

Don't assume that even fabric fit-outs will insulate against noise in an office, as thin fabric with an open weave may allow sound waves to simply pass right through rather than absorb them. You may also assume that glass or acrylic fit-outs don't do anything to absorb sound waves, but these may provide a sound-resistant barrier between a conference room or office and the general work area. Insulating an office against sound can protect the confidentiality of conversations and also allow workers a more comfortable environment free of distraction, so be sure you ask about this when shopping.

2. Can they be swapped out or interchanged easily?

Your office and personnel may change over time so it's vital that you think about how your office fit-outs will change with you. Note how pieces get swapped out or interchanged and invest in those that can be easily taken apart, moved, and then reassembled without special tools or know-how. Invest in different sizes of walls and partitions so you can change the footprint of your office without having to get new fit-outs or call a contractor to redesign the entire space for you.

3. How sustainable are they?

If you're worried about the environment, you may want office fit-outs that are very environmentally-friendly. This can mean wood partitions made of recycled pieces or of bamboo which is very easily replenished, glass which can be recycled very easily once you decide to remodel again, or a type of plastic that can be easily melted down and then reshaped and used in new projects. Don't assume that every piece of your office fit-outs are environmentally friendly even if they are made of wood, but ask about their origins and how easy they are to recycle and reuse. Ask if your contractor offers recycled pieces and reclaimed pieces for the most sustainable choice.